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How Duster units Work

d3000dd_worksThis is the most important fact to understand with respect to the operation of the Duster units. It means that all airborne particulate will eventually settle to the floor.

The Duster units employ ”floor level pickup” and utilize the mushroom cloud effect. Clean filtered air is directed towards the ceiling which acts as a diffuser, spreading out and forcing the “dirty” air back down towards the floor, assisted by gravity. The air, together with invisible pollutants is drawn in through the intake filters and re-circulated.

This continuous process allows the Duster to clean all the ambient air in the workplace. The size and number of units required can be calculated based on the prevailing conditions.

Duster units with multi stage filtration provide an efficient, cost effective solution to many problematic workplace conditions. All too frequently the emphasis is on “source capture” of pollutants and little attention is given to the dangerous invisible dust particles and gas phase pollutants. Duster units have long lasting cleanable intake filters and refillable carbon filters to ensure many years of reliable service.

Where to position a Duster unit

To maximize the benefits of using a Duster, positioning of the unit is crucial, In general the unit should be positioned so that it draws contaminated air away from the source creating pollution and directs the airflow towards the ceiling. It may take some experimentation to establish the best position.