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Autobody Industry

Perfect for SMART repairs
(Small, Medium Area Repair Techniques)

ICA manufactures two units designed and engineered for the Autobody Industry, encompassing collision repair, restoration and custom sectors.

Designed for SMART (Small, Medium Area Repair Techniques) repairs, these units boost the Health and Productivity of Autobody Shops.

The Duster units are Designed to remove dust sanding/Bondo dust, Paint Overspray and Paint Fumes (and other Volatile Organic Compounds) resulting in improved worker’s health, reduction in cleanup/redo time and an overall increase in efficiency. Savings may also be realized on heating costs.


Duster 3000 Downdraft

The Total Solution to Shop Air Pollution

The Duster 3000 DOWNDRAFT is a mobile prep station designed and engineered to remove harmful airborne contaminants found in dust when sanding old paint, rusted metal and fillers.
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