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Everyone deserves a breathe of fresh air!

Island Clean Air Provides Environmentally Effective
Indoor Air Cleaning Solutions

Committed to Green

ICA is focused on cleaning the air in industrial settings, as well as keeping its business practices environmentally sustainable.

ATEX Approved

All of  our units are in accordance to ATEXs’ regulatory standards. This makes sure every unit is at it’s highest possible standard.

CSA Certified

Island Clean Air is a certified product builder with the highest safety and performance standards outlined by the CSA.

Air Resources Board

ICA is proud to be approved by the the California Environmental Protection Agency.

Designed, Engineered and Proven.

Island Clean Air has been providing a high quality,
and environmentally effective air filtration system since 1992.

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The Duster 2000

The perfect unit for industrial or paint shops.

The Duster 2000 removes dust, odors, smoke, voc’s, mists, spray powder, toxic fumes, pollen and bacteria, and a lot more. This unit is perfect for industrial or print shops where fumes and particles are present in the air.


  • Clean shop air up to 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Floor level pick-up, circulates all the air
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Operates on single phase 110V or 220V
  • No assembly required
  • Cleanable intake filters
  • Meets OSHA and EPA requirements
  • 3 year Warranty
  • CSA Certified
More Information on the D2000

The Duster units are Designed to remove dust sanding/Bondo dust, Paint Overspray and Paint Fumes.

Autobody Industry

These units are designed to remove airborne contaminants including ink fumes, blanket wash fumes and odors.

Printing Industry

What our Satisfied Customers are Saying...

We have been using our Duster air filtration system for several years now and have been delighted and satisfied from day one with the way it has dramatically reduced the fumes and odors from our printing company. The folks at ICA were very helpful in guiding us to the correct size of unit, and in offering suggestions on the placement of the unit in our shop to get the optimum air filtration performance. We would recommend this unit to anyone who wants to enhance the environment of their printing company.
Susan Wells Compton
Compton Design & Printing, Lexington, VA
The bodyworking process can get things quite dusty, but with the Duster 3000, that dust can be controlled which makes clean up a breeze. When your doing your best you want the very best. That's why I chose the Duster 3000 by Island Clean Air.
Jim Beckwith
Phaze 11, Autobody Inc. Westford, MA
Since purchasing the Duster 3000 Downdraft for our body shop, I have been able to process many more cars on a monthly basis as this unit has allowed me to keep my booth time available for painting rather than all the prep work that takes a lot of time. I estimate that I can prep two more cars per day than I could before. Having a mobile device that can remove dust and fumes and odors has proven invaluable on or shop floor. My return on investment for the Duster was approximately 3 months instead of the usual 18-24 months that most of my equipment takes.
Alvin Levenberg
Impressive Auto Body, Inc. Oceanside, NY.